Procurement Policy

Central Pattana Plc. and affiliates have strong intention to maintain business sustainability growth by building confidence for all stakeholders. We have professional and transparent Procurement Policy announced to public as following essences.

  • We focus to procure on high performance and effectiveness of Right Pricing, Right Quantity, Right Service, and Right Time, as well as responsibility on Economics, Society, and Environment.
  • We adhere on transparentness, justify, unexploited, accountability, and strictly follow all regulations and laws.
  • We treat equally, sharing correct and sufficient information to all stakeholders.
  • We realize on environment (Green Procurement) to minimize any environmental impact by maintain ISO14001, Carbon Footprint Project, and Occupational Health and Safety.
  • We strictly comply and promote Anti-Corruption Policy in any aspects, direct and indirect. Whereas violation or against Anti-Corruption Policy may cause business partners proceeding to laws.
  • We extend NO-GIFT Policy to all employees. Giving or taking gifts, receptions, or any forms of benefits are prohibited. Appropriate exception may allow for region traditional treats, festive offers and cultures relates.
  • We welcome you notify on any actions that is not conform with any Policies above.

  • Our management and all employees have total responsibility to promote, carry forward and strictly comply Procurement Policy and company regulations.

    Code of Conduct for Suppliers

    Suggestions and Complaints Channels
    Any actions that is not comply with Code of Conducts or ethics, please notify to Audit Committee
    : or Chief Executive Officer :